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Data agreement signed!

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Data agreement signed!

Added on 2017-11-08
Just before summer holiday, all CREST partners signed a data agreement with Coastal Division for the free use of data and information in the context of the project.
It concerns inter alia:
  • Topographic surveys of beach and dune zones
  • Bathymetric measurements
  • Information regarding grain sizes of beaches and dunes
  • Reports on coastal morphology
  • Dune vegetation maps
  • Infrastructure maps
  • Hydrometeo data
VLIZ already started processing elevation maps of the beaches and dunes.

Two series of georeferenced altimetry maps were collected from Coastal Division: MIWE08 (West-Groenendijk) and MIWE17 (Mariakerke) for the period 1983-1996.

During the summer months, 2 students, Stijn Willemse and Jozefien Demuynck, started working with these maps. They have performed a huge data-rescue operation.Point by point, each contour line was drawn on each map. A real donkey work, good for 475 871 mouse clicks!

As a next step in processing these data, interpolated height maps were drawn using a triangular interpolation (TIN, lineair).

To make it even more visual, 3D visualizations were created (with thanks to Vasco Souza Diaz), which were then combined into an animation.

Both the original scanned maps and the derived products (shapefiles with altitude contour lines and TINs) are available for CREST partners through the Marine Data Archive.
Metadata about these datasets:

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