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PhD students CREST

Added on 2016-07-27
Currently already seven PhD students are active within the CREST project. A final candidate is foreseen to start after the summer.
Anne-Lise Montreuil (picture left) her work will focus on the study of aeolian sand transport from the intertidal beach to the upper-beach on a time scale of months/years. She started on 1 May 2016 her Post Doctorate at VUB.

Evelien Brand (picture right) started her PhD on 1 April 2016 at VUB focusing on the post-storm recovery of beaches, analysing the hydrodynamics (such as water level, waves and currents), sediment transport and morphology of the intertidal beach.
Vincent Gruwez started his PhD research on 1 March 2016 at UGent (AWW). His research focusses on developing and applying advanced numerical models, supported by experimental tests and field measurements, to establish a prediction methodology for wave overtopping and wave impact forces on storm return walls/buildings of the Belgian sea dikes, with their typical very shallow foreshores. The detailed study of individual wave overtopping volumes and their effect will lead to a better estimation of the risk of casualties in those buildings and a more optimised wave overtopping criterion for the design of storm return walls and buildings on sea dikes.
Glenn Strypsteen started 1 October 2015 his PhD research at KULeuven (TC Construction) to study the wind blown (Aeolian) sand transport at the Belgian coast focusing on the interaction between beach-dune and beach-dike dynamics.
Samuel Van Ackere (UGent – Geography) started 1 January 2016 his PhD and will study detailed flood risks at the Belgian coast including the behavior of people during flood events and the evacuation procedures.
Annelies Vandenbulcke started working since 1 March 2014 as an academic assistant at the department of Geography (Ghent University). Within the framework of her PhD she works on the 3D surface modelling (geometrical modelling) of intertidal areas of beaches.
Qinghui Zhang started her PhD at KU Leuven (Hydraulics) on 18 April 2016. Her work will focus on the integrated wave-current-sediment modelling, aiming to optimize and integrate more detailed physical phenomena in the free-surface simulation software TELEMAC-MASCARET.

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